We are proud pro-life feminists. We believe that every woman deserves quality health care that is affordable and ethical. We are horrified by Planned Parenthood's betrayal of women. And we are putting our money where our mouths are.
We are raising money for deserving providers that offer quality care for women regardless of their ability to pay. Help us fund women's health
Health Imperatives, MA

With locations throughout southeast Massachusetts, Health Imperatives offers contraception, reproductive health exams for women and men, STD testing and treatment, and specialized services for at-risk populations such as LGBTQ youth and people fleeing domestic violence. Health Imperatives is also a WIC provider.

ODA Primary Health Care Network, NY

ODA is a federally qualified health center offering care 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with on-call availability 24 hours a day. Its Brooklyn, NY health center locations provide a wide range of care to people in need, including a women's facility dedicated to affordable obstetrical and gynecological services.

Tampa Family Health Centers, FL

Tampa Family Health Centers is a comprehensive medical provider serving the needs of low-income families. It recently opened its 17th Federally Qualified Health Center location, and also has a mobile unit. Its women’s health services include family planning, obstetric care, well woman exams, pap smears, and HIV testing.

Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic, TX

Los Barrios Unidos offers affordable bilingual healthcare to low-income families in the Dallas area. Its women's health services include family planning, clinical breast exams, screening mammograms, pap smears STD testing and treatment, well-woman care, prenatal exams, and birth and postpartum care. It is also a WIC provider.

Gila River Health Care, AZ

Gila River Health Care exists to provide a broad range of clinical services for the Gila River and Ak-Chin Indian communities. Its comprehensive care includes cancer screenings, gynecological care, prenatal services for both routine and high-risk pregnancies, and a family planning mobile unit.

La Clinica, OR

La Clinica provides comprehensive care to a primarily low-income, Hispanic population. Its Family and Women’s Health Center specializes in women’s health from puberty through a woman’s child-bearing years and into menopause and beyond. Offerings include prenatal care, midwifery, general gynecological care, and family planning.

Wyoming Health Council, WY

The Wyoming Health Council is a Title X provider with clinics throughout the state. Its family planning services include pregnancy testing, contraception, counseling, STD testing and treatment, and services for people trying to conceive. It also administers special programs for HIV-positive Wyoming residents.

Swope Health Services, MO/KS

With nine locations plus a mobile health unit, Swope serves low-income patients throughout the Kansas City region. It offers complete women’s health care – pregnancy, routine gynecologic care or addressing health issues – from adolescence to maturity. Services include family planning, prenatal care, HIV/AIDS treatment, and WIC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This is awesome. How else can I help?
A: Thanks! In addition to donating, you can:
  • Contact your members of Congress and let them know you want Planned Parenthood's taxpayer funding redirected to community health centers like the ones above. 
  • Join Students for Life of America's #SockIt2PP project.
  • Spread the word about Fund Women's Health on social media.
Q: What do you have against Planned Parenthood?
A: Planned Parenthood ends the lives of over 300,000 unborn children every year. It is the largest abortion chain in the United States, and its market share is only increasing. At the same time, its provision of legitimate women's health care is in a precipitous decline. Since 2010, Planned Parenthood's cancer prevention and screening services have dropped 57%, its contraception services have dropped 20%, and total services are down 14%. That's according to its own annual reports! Despite propaganda to the contrary, Planned Parenthood has never done mammograms, and hardly any locations provide prenatal care. Abortion is its number one priority. Planned Parenthood has also demonstrated a disturbing pattern of failing to report the sexual abuse of minors. Women and girls deserve so much better than Planned Parenthood. 
Q: Are the centers you're raising money for the only alternatives to Planned Parenthood?
A: Definitely not! There are thousands of Federally Qualified Health Centers and community health clinics across the United States, outnumbering Planned Parenthood locations 20+ to 1. You can find your closest clinic through the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website or at GetYourCare.org. In addition, if you are facing a surprise pregnancy, numerous organizations stand ready to offer you free assistance.
Q: Who are you guys?
A: The primary sponsor of Fund Women's Health is Secular Pro-Life, in partnership with the following organizations:
To become a cosponsor, email info@secularprolife.org